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H12-211  :  HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5

H12-211  :  HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5
Vendor: Huawei
Associated Certification: Huawei Routing & Switching
Exam Code: H12-211
Exam Name : HCIA-Routing & Switching V2.5
Last Updated: 2023-11-18
₹ 3,999

Questions & Answers: 527
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20 DEMO Sample Questions & Answers for H12-211-ENU Certification Question No.: 1
Which parts of a complete data communication system consists of ? ( Please select 4 answers ) A. Sender
B. recipient
C. Media
D. card
E. Agreement Answer: A, B, C, E
Question No.: 2
Message from a sender to a receiver elapsed between the physical channel is called ( ) A. Agreements
B. Signal
C. Media
D. Equipment Answer: C
Question No.: 3
Two devices can transmit or receive data , but not both simultaneously.which working style is this? A. simplex
B. half-duplex
C. full-duplex
D. auto-negotiation Answer: B
Question No.: 4
Divided according to the network topology structure, the network can be divided into (please select 4 answers) A. Bus
B. Star
C. Tree
D. Ring
E. Grid Answer: A, B, C, D
Question No.: 5
The following topology structure, which is of the highest reliability? A. Bus
B. Star
C. Ring
D. Grid Answer: D
Question No.: 6
According to geographic scope , the network can be divided into ( please choose 2 answers ) A. Campus Network
D. Enterprise Network Answer: B, C
Question No.:7
RFC(Request For Comments) is generated by which of the following standardization organization? A.IEEE
D.ISO Answer: C
Question No.:8
Which of the following standardization organizations to make the most LAN related protocols, such as the 802 series protocol ? A.IEEE
D.ETSI Answer: A
Question No.:9
In what kind of network topology structure, a link failure will cause all communication interrupt? A. Mesh
B. Bus
C. Star
D. Tree Answer: B
Question No.: 10
In which of the following network topology structure with redundant links between every two nodes? (Please choose 2 answers) A.mesh
E.ring Answer: A, D
Question No.: 11
Judge: The data format in the data communication needs information founder and recipient to reach a consensus in advance. A.True
B.False Answer: A
Question No.: 12
LAN 's main features are: network owned by a unit and the geographic scope and the number of sites are limited. Common LAN transmission media are ( please select 3 answers ) A. Fiber
B. Coaxial
C.Twisted pair
D. Serial Line Answer: A, B, C
Question No.: 13
In Half-duplex mode of data communication, each device can send and receive , but not both simultaneously. When a device sends, the other can only receive. or viceversa. The following working in half-duplex mode has A. Keyboard
B. Display
C. Interphone
D. Telephone Network Answer: C
Question No.: 14
Classified information from both sides interactive communication , there can be several ways of communication ? ( Choose 3 answers ) A. simplex
B. Half-duplex
C. duplex
D. auto-negotiation Answer: A, B, C
Question No.: 15
Network connection geographical scope is bigger,to provide data communications services in a wide range of area, ,which is mainly used for the interconnection of LAN network A. Large LAN
D. backbone Answer: B
Question No.: 16
Judge: the Bus of the local area network (LAN) is commonly used, the star topology structure refers to the actual physical equipment configuration, rather than the logical structure of the network. A.True
B. False Answer: B
Question No.: 17
When a node on the network medium to transmit data, the data will be sent to all nodes. This network topology structure is A. Star
B. Bus
C. Tree
D. Ring Answer: B
Question No.: 18
Topology structure have a central control point, easy to design and installation, network media directly from a central hub or switch to connect to the workstation location.The disadvantage is that, once the center points of control equipment problems prone to a single point of failure.The topological structure of the commonly used LAN is A.Star
D.Ring Answer: A
Question No.: 19
As the signal conversion equipment between terminal system and communication system,Modem is one of the indispensable equipment in the wide area network. Modem connected to the router serial port, divided into two kinds of ( ).(please select 2 answers) A. Synchronization
B. Asynchronous
C. Switched
D. Routed Answer: A B
Question No.: 20
IEEE standard LAN mainly defines the 802 X protocol suite, which of the standard of WLAN is A.802.3
D.802.11 Answer:D

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